Actron CP9410 Pocketscan Plus Diagnostic Code Reader

Actron CP9410 Pocketscan Plus Diagnostic Code Reader For OBDII Vehicles
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OBDII Diagnostic Code Scanner fits the following vehicles:

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  • Reads, displays, and clears diagnostic trouble codes--the reason the check engine light is on
  • On-screen indicator points to the urgency level of the specific code
  • Online database explains the code's causes, severity, and symptoms
  • USB connectivity keeps the unit up-to-date for future vehicles
  • Compatible with all 1996 and newer vehicles
  • When your Check Engine light turns on, find out immediately if you should stop or keep driving with the Actron PocketScan Plus OBD-II Code Reader with Urgency Indicator. There are many reasons that can cause this indicator to appear -- from minor to critical -- but the PocketScan Plus is here to provide you with the code information you need as well as an immediate recommendation on the urgency of the Check Engine Light problem.

    PocketScan Plus Provides Critical Information
    The Check Engine Light appears on the dashboards of all late-model vehicles to signal that there is a possible mechanical or electrical problem that needs to be addressed. The compact and easy-to-use PocketScan Plus attaches to the automobile's OBD-II port, displaying the error code involved on its large, backlit display. Three severity levels tell you at a glance if it safe to continue driving or if immediate repair is needed. The PocketScan Plus also puts you in touch with the emissions status of vehicles and allows you to easily review and erase codes from the automobile.

    The PocketScan Plus Can Save You Time and Money
    According to a nationwide phone survey, over 20% of all vehicles newer than 12 years old have experienced a Check Engine Light appearance in the past 12 months. That’s 32 million automobiles on the road every year that are signaling for a potentially costly repair. Your time and money are valuable, and the information provided by the PocketScan Plus can save you both by telling you if the Check Engine Light is appearing for a critical reason, or for a less important one.

    Be Smarter When You Talk to Your Technician
    The PocketScan Plus gives you the information you need before you visit your auto technician. Not only does it provide you with the code for the Check Engine Light, but you also receive access to an online information database that further explains the problem, its severity, possible symptoms, and common causes--all in easy-to-understand terms. Being empowered with this wealth of knowledge enables you to visit your auto technician with confidence.

    Easy-to-Use Features and Helpful Customer Support
    The PocketScan Plus is compatible with all 1996 and newer vehicles. Once connected, it automatically links to the vehicle computer, displaying both Check Engine Light error codes and severity on its large backlit display. Issue severity is color coded for easy reference: green for no problems present, yellow for non-dangerous issues, orange meaning repair at your earliest convenience, and red for a problem that needs immediate repair. Three large buttons allow you to turn the unit on and off, read current codes, and review and erase past codes from the vehicle's onboard computer. A convenient battery backup saves information in the system, allowing you to continue reviewing codes away from the vehicle.

    Actron makes certain that you will always have the information you need when your Check Engine Light appears. Their online database is available 24 hours a day to explain codes as well as their causes, severity, and symptoms. You can also contact their toll free phone number for additional assistance. Furthermore, the PocketScan Plus has a USB port that allows it to be updated from your computer, ensuring that you will always have correct, current information to diagnose the vehicles of today as well as those of the future.

    A great solution to provide the DIY'er with an immediate recommendation on the urgency of the Check Engine Light problem. New Urgency Indicators tell how urgent the Check Engine Light problem may be to a vehicle's drivability. In addition to the emissions and MIL status features, PocketScan Plus offers access to dynamic web support information which includes common components, possible symptoms, and common causes related to trouble codes.