Smoke Pro Total Tech Automotive Leak Detector

New Redline Detection Total-Tech Smoke Pro. Diagnose And Repair Automotive Leaks. Works With Mineral Oil (Baby Oil), So No Expensive Oil Changes.
Part # 95-0001

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Diagnose And Repair Evap Leaks, Vacuum Leaks, Exhaust Leaks, Gasket, Fitting, And Hose Leaks, Catalytic Converter Leaks, Cracked Manifolds, Egr Valves, Brake Boosters, Door And Window Seals, Turbos And Intercoolers, And Many More.
Smoke Pro™ Total-Tech™ Professional Automotive Leak Locator.

The Total-Tech™ is the latest state of the art smoke machine and leak detector to date. Its patent pending design eliminates the need for expensive annual smoke fluid changes. The Total-Tech™ operates on Medicinal Mineral Oil, (Baby Oil) so the cost of operation is less than one cent per test. The Total-Tech is pressure regulated at 13 inches of water. This is the approved test pressure for the EVAP system. The Smoke Control Valve, found on your Total-Tech model, allows the technician the versatility to pinpoint a leak without the masking effect of excessive smoke. The Total-Tech™ provides the operator with a pressure gauge as well as a flowmeter. These components allow the technician to test any system using pressure decay in seconds, and to visually detect the rate of leakage. This sensitive flowmeter is designed to pass or fail an EVAP system in minutes and can verify future leaks to small to register in the limited range of the flow meter. The Total-Tech's™ compact design allows the unit to hang under the hood or hang from under the chassis during testing. Machined from solid billet aerospace aluminum, the Total-Tech™ is made in America and warranted for one full year.

A complete accessory package comes with every Smoke Pro™ and includes:
1. Complete machine.
2. Exhaust cone adaptor.
3. 16 piece cap plug set.
4. Hand held halogen lamp.
5. EVAP service port adaptor.
6. Schrader valve removal tool.
7. 8 ounce bottle of Mineral Oil.

Height: 12” (15 3/8” with hook)
Width: 7 “
Depth: 5 1/2 inches
Weight: 7.17 lbs.
Ship weight: 13 lbs.
Power requirements: 12 volts D.C.
Power usage: 5 amps. 250 watts max
Output pressure: 13” of water. (0.032 bar)
Flow rate: Variable from 0-20 liters per minute.
Operating temperature range: 0 to 150 degrees F. (-17.8 to 65.6 C.)
Similar to the Smoke Wizard, Vacutec EELD601, EVAPro 2000E, OTC 6521 and 6525.
Same as MAC Tools Leak Attack EV9510.
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